Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Men wish Women knew??

every men and women have their own desire...men n women have very big differences..... to protect the relationship, we need to know what our partner want from us, to tighten the bond in our relationship.... so lets read what men really want from a women on the move.........
  1. as much as we want to, we can't go again night after
  2. we like it when you take charge
  3. we are usually stimulated
  4. but that might not mean what you think
  5. we're not much into talking
  6. not all the time
  7. we have other erogenous zones too
  8. we like it when you get there
  9. we also like it when you're on your way
  10. sometimes the slightest things get us going
  11. sweet can be sexy
  12. we can tell when you're not into it and we don't like it when you fake it
  13. don't just grab it (18sx only-private part)
  14. experimenting is hot
  15. we have insecurities too
The 5 KILLERS relationship!!!!!
  1. sleeping together (ermmm maybe)
  2. Having a baby
  3. romantic weekend
  4. moving in together
  5. taking a break
The expert says:
"relationships are really matters of the hearts. if we dont deal with what's inside, nothing on the outside can save it."

so some tips to protect relationship:
  1. apologise
  2. forgive and forget
  3. accept differences
  4. laugh together
  5. listen!, listen!, and listen!

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